Trinidad Contractors Limited has worked on seven airports to date in the Caribbean
region, as listed below. In this work, we have demonstrated our specialised
expertise in runway paving as well as other aspects of airport infrastructure:

  • Anguilla, Wallblake Airport (now Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport)
  • Beef Island, British Virgin Island, Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport
  • Beef Island, Airport Firehall
  • St. Kitts, Golden Rock International Airport (now R.L. Bradshaw Airport)
  • St. Lucia, Vigie Airport Runway (now E.L. Charles International Airport)
  • St. Vincent, Resurfacing of Arnos Vale Airport (now called E.T. Joshua)
  • Trinidad, Piarco International Airport repairs to taxiway
  • Tobago, Resurfacing of the Crown Point Airport Runway (now called ANR Robinson Airport)
Asphalt works and Road Construction

Surveying/mapping, constructing and paving roadways through various topographies are key expertise under our legacy company.  Our asphalt plant and uniquely superior asphalt hot mix is ideal for paving roadways, bridges, carparks, and similar jobs.  Our engineers have taken the time to craft a special asphalt hot mix that is suitable the climate in the region and ensure that our paving jobs withstand the test of time and weather patterns.


We have completed several Asphalt and Road Projects as follows:

  • Brentwood Development Carpark
  • Tobago, Asphalting and road works
  • Construction of the Spring Garden and Mason Hall / Les Coteaux Road
  • Belmont Road Upgrade and Extension
  • Rehabilitation of the Roxborough / Bloody Bay Road
  • Commonwealth of Dominica, Agricultural access roads and feeder roads

Bridge Construction

Trinidad Contractors Limited has a proven expertise in designing and delivering structurally superior bridges. We develop ways to efficiently build sound structures within budget using innovative technology and techniques which allow us to meet the required quality standards and certifications.

Having our very own in-house prestress frame enables us to build to your specifications and expand on design possibilities.  We are able to construct these units to requirements, on site to save on transportation costs thereby and resulting in speed and accuracy for precast concrete units such as AASHTO type III Beams, Concrete Piles and Flat Slabs which are needed for bridge construction.

Over the years we have completed numerous bridges in the region, some of our more remarkable Bridge projects are:

  • St. Vincent, Construction of Fenton Bridge
  • St. Vincent, Design and Construction of Cumberland Bridges and River Embankment Protection in Spring Village
  • Tobago, Civil works for Bon Accord Sewer
  • Tobago, Lambeau Bridge
  • Tobago, Blenheim Bridge
  • Tobago, Precast concrete structures for Plymouth Bridge 
  • Tobago, Construction of 9 No. self-stressing beams, Goldsborough Bridge
  • Trinidad, Precast concrete structures for Honda River Bridge


Sea Ports & Sea Defense 


For decades, Trinidad Contractors Limited has been renowned for its expertise in seaport and sea defense projects executed in the Caribbean Region.  Through thorough feasibility research and innovative engineering, we design sustainable, enduring seaport and sea defense projects, accounting for geographic and environment factors.  As testament to our revolutionary engineering and superior construction capabilities, see below a list of projects that were completed within the region:


  • Petite Martinique, Construction of Jetty 
  • Grenada, Port Expansion in St. Georges where we expanded the draft and excavated hard coral stone
  • St. Kitts, Deep Water Port Rehabilitation 
  • Grenada Sea Defence work, Gouyave
  • St. Kitts, Port Rehabilitation for Hurricane Rehabilitation Project
  • St. Kitts, Hurricane Rehabilitation Project – Phase I and II
  • Trinidad, Shore of Peace Cliff Stabilization and Sea Defence